Wednesday 03 Sep 2014

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Model, actress recovers from stroke caused by cervical dissection

Claudia Mason never imagined whipping her head around dancing could put her at risk of a stroke. But the neck soreness the New York-based model and actress experienced after a dance class during which she threw her head around “à …

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Hands-Only CPR mobile tour stop in southern Maine

National CPR tour promotes keeping a steady beat to save lives

The American Heart Association’s Hands-Only CPR mobile tour is underway, traveling the country to spread the word about Hands-Only CPR in an upbeat way. The tour began in 2012


CPR at the movies: Fact or fiction?

Hollywood rarely lets accuracy or technical details stand in the way of a good story. That’s certainly true where cardiopulmonary resuscitation is concerned. While the inaccuracies can be


Calling 911 important to get prompt treatment

Timothy “Mitch” Mitchell was one of the lucky ones. A diabetic and a longtime smoker, he experienced some burning sensations in his chest off and on for a