Saturday 25 Oct 2014

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SimpleScience@Heart: Speeding up heart attack treatment: There’s an app for that

Published: 9:45 am CDT, May 17, 2013

 An experimental, inexpensive iPhone app could help save lives by speeding up treatment for the deadliest type of heart attack called STEMI.

 In a new study, the app transferred heart images in 4-6 seconds ― faster and more reliably than traditional methods such as via email or cell phones. The app takes a photo of an electrocardiogram (ECG), centers and reduces its size, while maintaining as much clarity as possible.

 A critical step in effective STEMI treatment is emergency medical services rapidly transmitting an ECG of the heart’s electrical activity to the hospital to help doctors prepare.

 The American Heart Association recommends surgical treatment for heart attacks within 90 minutes of a person arriving at the hospital or clot-busting medication within 30 minutes.


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