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SimpleScience@Heart: New stent safer, more effective at mending brain aneurysms

Published: 5:00 pm CDT, November 5, 2012

A new stent — covered with a thin, porous layer of polyurethane — repaired aneurysms in an animal study presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2012.

A brain aneurysm is a weakness in the wall of a brain vessel that balloons out and is at risk of rupturing and bleeding into the brain. Aneurysms are often treated with surgery, stents or spring-like coils placed in the blood vessel to limit blood flow and support the weakened area.

The new stent can be particularly helpful for large aneurysms in the area where the skull and neck meet, researchers said.

In rabbits, the new stent worked in more than 30 aneurysms, with the treated blood vessel intact a year later. In aneurysms treated with stents that didn’t have the coating, about 30 percent still had signs of blood vessel weakness a year later.




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  • Isabell

    As aetethls we definitely know when something is off with our bodies. My workouts were okay, but I was experiencing some unusual shortness of breath during conversations, and doing business on the telephone. I knew something was not right which prompted a physical (okay I admit my wife was pleading with me to have one done). Shortly afterwards I had a stress test and they found an ascending aortic aneurysm over 5cm. The fear part is tough. Having been a specimen of health and an athlete my whole life I was terrified of going under the knife for something as brutal as open heart surgery. That stubbornness and denial (and fear), caused me to postpone surgery for over six months. I nearly killed myself, as when I finally gave into surgery the aneurysm was over 7cm. I’m here to say I should have had the procedure earlier and not gambled with death. You and I are both examples that life can go on after these types of procedures, even for aetethls.Great post. You’re an inspiration to when I read about your training it makes me feel lazy! I need to step mine back up to more than a couple times a week. I’ve gotten complacent since the Marathon last November.Cheers!bjc