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Keep Calm and Organize On

Published: 11:28 am CDT, October 3, 2012

This post is an ode to the organizers. Those of you who have immaculate desks at work, color code your entire closets or label everything in your homes– including the label maker.  In honor of National Get Organized week, I salute you.

I have never been one of those people. My desk at work is a maze of papers, projects, and post-its.  And the messier it gets, the more stressed I tend to feel. While a little stress can be dealt with, long term stress can be damaging to your heart. When you’re stressed, your body produces more adrenaline, which makes your heart rate and blood pressure go up. Over time, this can damage the walls of your arteries so it’s best to avoid stress  if possible.

I’ve found that a great way to de-stress and keep calm is to add a little order to the chaos.

In my opinion, to-do lists are man’s greatest invention. Our never ending lists of tasks are what separate us from the animals. Lists are simple solutions that can help keep track of progress and keep your stress levels from soaring. Try just making a list for all of the things that need to be done today. I find that it’s easier to manage time and energy when I can physically see what tasks are still left to be done. An added bonus of lists is getting to cross off tasks after they’re finished! (Which can be very satisfying)

Don’t panic if you need to take on a big task. Take them on one step at a time. Sometimes extensive assignments can seem overwhelming, but if you break them down in to manageable, bite-size pieces, they’re much easier to digest.

Start organizing one area of your life at a time. Don’t expect to go from a borderline hoarder to spic and span over night. Start with your desk at work, then move to that messy glove box in the car, and then tackle the dreaded hall closet. Taking it slow will help keep you motivated and your tasks manageable. The more areas you can keep orderly the less likely you are to feel stressed.

Get the whole family involved! Bring down the kid’s stress levels by helping them organize their school work. Help your spouse reduce the morning rush by helping them organize the closet. If everything is in its place the night before, you can avoid rushing to catch the school bus or getting stuck in morning rush hour.

What are your simple ideas for getting a little more organized? Leave us a comment with your tips! We’d love to hear from you!

  • Kathy

    I get motivated to organize by combining the task with redecorating, even something as simple as rearranging furniture or the pictures on a wall.

    • Pule

      Reference lists These are a fantastic way to get Started on ornzainigg your life And your home.List Examples:Personal GoalsImportant Birthdays AnniversariesWish ListsGift Lists for familyTravel Lists places you would like to seeStuff to do Things you would like to see do in the next 5 years .10 years ..within your lifePacking lists Items to pack for get aways day trip/weekender week to 10 day trips .This makes getting ready to go a breezeReading List Books you would like to readEducation List Items you really want to learnThe choices of what lists to make are as individual as you are.IN THE BATHROOMAdd a magnetic strip to your medicine cabinet for things like scissors..tweezers.clippers other small objects ( how about a sewing needle so you will always know where to find one)READING MATERIALToss old catalogs and donate old magazines and books to nursing homes, salvation army or goodwillCULL THE CLUTTERTake a hard look around and find everything that just doesnt seem to Have its own place Cull the clutter by donating or price it , box it and have a garage sale ..use the proceeds to buy closet organizers and under the bed storage containers for things like Christmas Gift wrap/Ornaments/Lights etc.CREATE A MEMORY BOXAs you go through life you will create memories ..create a Box to hold these memories add to it as you create new memories. Take a little time when you are feeling melencholoy to look through these memories to give yourself a little added boost.CREATE TIME BLOCKSWant to work on your hobby but cant find the time? Set aside a time block each day or every other day that is specifically dedicated to an activity .wether its surfing the net, scrapbooking or just reading a book, Time blocks will insure you always have a little balance in your life.

      • Dinianggreini

        Okay well a description of my clsoet is as goes.One side is his and one side is hers . Her side starts on the left, all the clothing items are organized first by fancy, then semi-fancy, then casual and by color darkest to lightest. Everything on the left side is long, starting with long dresses, short dresses, skirts, pants, and tops. All organized according to the above. His Is still organized by the over rules..(fancy, semi-fancy, casual and darkest to lightest)On his left side starts with tops, then pants, then into his work pants, then work tops, then work coveralls.Shoes have a rack under each of our sections and the are organized the same way only the fancy ones are put into a large container that we slide under our bed.Now all this will change because we will be expanding our clsoet soon but thats how it is now.Hope this helped!

    • Reshma

      The main thing is having roitnue when you get up make the bed but, turn the covers down so it can air out.. It still looks neat/tidy but, isn’t harboring dust mites.. Pick up the floor of clothes and other belongings, keep a nice wicker basket around to toss things in so you can find them later.. Keep the floor clear. Anything you don’t use on a regular basis stash in a drawer so it’s unseen If you have pets in the room keep the cages clean to prevent unwanted smells.. Keep closet doors shut, no one needs to know what’s going on in there.. If you don’t have doors get an inexpensive shower tension rod or cafe-tension rod and hang a curtain up to keep things neat ! If you can use the underbed for storage.. Get some underbed storage totes and store linens, out of season clothing, shoes/purses etc.. Plus it keeps things from rolling or getting under you bed.. Set aside some time 15 min in the morning and evening to manage your room and keep it tidy Hope this helps Good luck

      • Dorciika

        Okay here goes closet is orgainzed by color, then by type of clothing (sleeveless blouses, short sleeve blouses, long sleeve blouses get the idea?) within that color. Since I currently use 2 small closets, one of them is for play clothes and the other is for work clothes.Once the grand Master Closet is created, it will further be seperated into his’ and hers’. Of course, I doubt that his’ will be so orgainzed. It took a little while to set up but has worked really well for me for the past few years. Makes putting the clothes away sort of like coloring.

  • Sandra

    I put permanent dievdirs in some of my kitchen drawers, rather than using those plastic utensil holders that slide around in the drawer. I use them in the silverware drawer as well as the cooking utensil drawers. I have electrical plugs in my bathroom cabinets and my kitchen cabinets; this allows me to have charging bases of appliances hidden (electric toothbrush, can opener, wine opener), and I have the majority of my kitchen appliances hidden in cabinets rather than on the counter-top. I have a coat/hat rack with a shelf by the back door. I have cabinets over my washer and dryer, as well as them being elevated on built-in storage. My end and bedside tables have drawers. My entertainment centers have concealed storage. We have a CD/DVD carousel (holds 400 in all) so we never have to touch one to play it. I keep sheets for one bedroom in a linen closet and sheets for the other bedroom in another linen closet (the beds are different sizes). I made an envelope out of sheets for the air bed so the sheets stay on it. If I don’t use an item, I donate it to my thrift store. I don’t keep clothes that I don’t wear, that don’t fit, or are out of style.

  • Fahad

    i know how you feel about cleaning and oizanigrng. three years ago i bought my tiny house and have two truckful of stuff i didn’t know i had in the first place. last spring, i emptied the last box in my garage. it took me three years to unpack.because of strict budget (i live on my own) i can’t buy a lot of storage boxes that we see in ikea or the container store. the solution to my problems is to purge my stuff. so i donated almost half of my clothes, office supplies, books and knick knacks. i ended up with just enough for myself.i frequent yard sales and thrift stores for most of my storage boxes and i also use shoe boxes. i covered them with left over wrapping paper and adhesive spray. my only splurge is a labeler (brother) which i bought for $14.99 less rebate. i like to label my boxes and file folders and other stuff. i also use a cheap notebook to jot down where the heck my things are so i can find them faster.with regards to cleaning, i don’t have a cleaning chart. because i work a lot and i live by myself i clean after myself. one thing i learned from a book that i read was you can do so much in under 15 minutes. so whenever and whatever i’m cleaning i set my timer in 15 minutes. if it beeps and i’m not done, it means i’m messing around and not cleaning. hahaha.before going to bed i make sure i wipe the counters both in kitchen and bathroom.i use method daily shower for my shower and tub.i spray it after each use, i like the smell and keeps the area clean.i empty my trash daily. may it be half full or not.i don’t have a lot of knick knacks so i don’t have a lot to dust. minimalism is the key.i make my bed everyday. yes, you can do it too.i don’t eat in my bedroom. just the thought of having ants and bugs crawling in to my bed. ugh!i own two queen size sheets that i use alternately. i don’t have the luxury of a linen closet so i have it stash in a small armoire in the guest bedroom/office, which also houses my towels and other linens.if i will buy a pair of shoes, a purse or clothes, i need to give up an older item. it helps me buy wisely and hold back shopping. because of money and storage issues i have to do this.i open my snail mail everyday, separate the junk mail in a small basket and shred weekly. i have 3 files in my desk, to pay, to file and to do. i file weekly, pay my bills online and limit my telephone calls to 15 minutes. i do my errands once a week, map it out in order to save gas. if i can do it online or over the phone i would do it.make sure your stuff has a home . it will be easier to find things if they are grouped together.i hope i was able to give you some insights and you’re right you don’t have to buy stuff from the stores you just need their concept and apply it on your own unique way. good luck

    • Deni

      My wife and I have a fairly large walk in csolet. I installed several additional wire shelves and some robe hooks to maximize it’s size. Clothing I can wear a 2nd time is hung on hangars on robe hooks. Sweaters, sweats, pajamas and fold-able items are stacked on the shelves. Shirts and blouses are separated but hung on a lower rod than dresses and pants. I use jean hangers for Levis and shoe rack for shoes, his & hers. We never hang worn clothing beside freshly laundered and dry cleaning bags are hung on the wall.

  • Collin

    Such an informative post on how to get organized. This is really helpful for people especially those busy ones. Thanks for sharing and keep posting.

    • Suzana

      One great thing to use is one or two of those under-the-bed storage cases. They’re long and about 1.5 feet arsocs but not very tall so they can fit under you’re bed great for storing junk!Also, shelves and bookcases work wonders for knick-knacks.If you have a dresser keep the clothes folded as nicely as possible b/c it expands the space and you can find things better. Coat racks or on the wall hangers work great for storing things. I’d also go through all your stuff sometime this summer and make 3 piles while you’re doing it. 1-stuff to keep where you can get it. 2-stuff to put away (like in the attic or store in boxes under your bed or something) 3-stuff to give away or throw away. Try to not be a packrat either because that REALLY cuts down on space. Just keep the things you really use and want and need. Hope I helped! = )