Tuesday 02 Sep 2014

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Two-time Olympian saved by CPR overcomes life’s challenges one step – then one paddle — at a time

Cliff Meidl was a 20-year-old construction worker in Los Angeles when his jackhammer struck a power line and sent 30,000 volts of electricity surging through his body. The massive jolt was almost fatal. He immediately went into cardiac arrest. Firefighters administered …

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Study questions proposed blood pressure guidelines in people 60 and older

A new study is raising questions about treatment guidelines proposed by a health panel last year that had recommended changing blood pressure targets for coronary artery disease patients

Harlan Krumholz, M.D.

Study finds significant drop in hospitalizations, deaths from heart disease, stroke

The rates of U.S. hospitalizations and deaths from heart disease and stroke dropped significantly in the last decade, more so than for any other condition, according to a


AHA CEO Nancy Brown says mobile tech is empowering consumer health

Mobile technology is playing a critical role in helping consumers become more engaged in their own health and more proactive about controlling risk factors, American Heart Association CEO


Model, actress recovers from stroke caused by cervical dissection

Claudia Mason never imagined whipping her head around dancing could put her at risk of a stroke. But the neck soreness the New York-based model and actress experienced after


Vaccine manufacturing capacity to increase, FDA announces prior to flu season

The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new, U.S.-manufactured flu vaccine, which is expected to increase the domestic capacity for making shots by 50 million doses. Health officials

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Father’s Day Warning: New study says grilled, processed meat may increase heart failure risk for men

As Americans get ready to whip out the grilling tongs for Father’s Day weekend, a new study warns that moderate amounts of processed red meat may increase men’s

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Illinois passes CPR in schools law; measure falls short of graduation requirement

Illinois has passed a law requiring CPR to be added to high school curriculums. Gov. Pat Quinn signed the bill into law Thursday, and it will take effect immediately. While


CPR at the movies: Fact or fiction?

Hollywood rarely lets accuracy or technical details stand in the way of a good story. That’s certainly true where cardiopulmonary resuscitation is concerned. While the inaccuracies can be


Chief Science Officer ‘sets record straight’ about diet, science, AHA

At the American Heart Association, everything we do is based on science. Simply put, we examine the evidence that comes from scientific studies and use it to provide