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STORIES FROM THE HEART: Gospel singer’s new tune praises importance of being heart healthy


Gospel singer LaJaye’ Britt always kept one foot in the music world and another in the medical field.

Whether performing on stage or working as a technician with dialysis and cardiac patients, Britt was totally in tune with others. Then, one day last May, it was time […]

STORIES FROM THE HEART: Clock operator provides fallen player CPR right on time


Like any Sunday during basketball season, Debi Mrozowski was sitting next to the court, running the scoreboard and game clock for the Parks and Recreation Department in Wallingford, Connecticut.

“We’ve already called 9-1-1!” she heard someone yell from another court. “He’s unresponsive!”

A 38-year-year old man had […]

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New app from Stanford provides heart-healthy tips from AHA


Cardiovascular research? There’s a new app for that.

Stanford University School of Medicine has launched MyHeart Counts, a free iPhone app that can provide users with heart-healthy tips from the American Heart Association while also gathering data that will help researchers study various aspects of cardiovascular […]

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STORIES FROM THE HEART: Research fixed her heart, filled it with joy by enabling her to become a mom

Medical technology is always evolving, enabling today’s doctors to do things their predecessors only hoped would be possible.

Knowing that more breakthroughs are always in development helps, too.

Just ask Nina Linder, a mother to two children that doctors originally feared she’d never be able to have.
Nina was born with aortic […]

STORIES FROM THE HEART: Tech exec’s response to his debilitating stroke? He’ll soon be riding a bicycle across the country

Armed with a sharp mind and a keen gift for gab, Sean Maloney rose from a free-spirited youth in London to a leading man in Silicon Valley. At 54, he was widely considered the CEO-in-waiting of technology titan Intel.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that such a striver pushed his body, […]

STORIES FROM THE HEART: Her diagnosis was a cruel twist; her response is her ‘legacy’

Deena Edwards misses it every day, still craves how it made her feel.

The addiction took root during a trip to Cape Cod when she was 14. In high school, the grip tightened, then kept ratcheting up.

She was 29 when doctors said it might kill her. So she quit. Cold […]

STORIES FROM THE HEART: New pacemakers recharged their lives – together

Doctors found Jeff Hammonds’ heart defect when he was just a few weeks old. It was a complex infirmity featuring four problems and a fancy name, tetralogy of Fallot. It would require a series of surgeries, the first at six weeks old and the last at age 12. The […]

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STORIES FROM THE HEART: ‘Miracle baby’ now helping save future generations of kids with heart problems

To the folks in Chamberlain, South Dakota, the little girl born on Aug. 2, 1957, seemed perfectly healthy.

Within months, her parents weren’t so sure.

Laurie Van Brunt wasn’t developing the way other babies did. She was more lethargic, moving less than the other tykes.

Relax, a family doctor said. Babies develop […]

President Obama declares February as American Heart Month

Days after detailing plans to develop personalized ways to prevent and treat disease, President Obama helped kick start the annual awareness campaign against the nation’s No. 1 killer by declaring February as American Heart Month.

“My Administration is committed to leading a new era of medicine — one that delivers […]

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STORIES FROM THE HEART: From overseeing stroke care to being a stroke patient

Jennifer Caribardi knew better.

As a registered nurse, and the Director of Critical Care Services at Kingwood Medical Center north of Houston, Jennifer was highly skilled in treating stroke patients. Yet when she herself showed clear signs of a stroke, she refused to believe it.

“I am too busy for this […]