Saturday 01 Nov 2014

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AHA, CHF join forces to help kids with heart defects

When Brycen Principe was born, his parents were overjoyed. But devastating news soon turned their excitement into shock, disbelief — and fear. Tiny Brycen had a heart defect. “All I can remember thinking is ‘my baby is going to die,’” […]

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ECGs won’t save more young people, experts say

Checking all young people with electrocardiograms or ECGs would not prevent more fatal heart problems, but routine physical exams and assessments of medical history could, a panel of


Award winner fights heart disease around the globe

Heart disease, the No. 1 cause of death in the world, has devastating effects on families, communities and even countries. American Heart Association volunteer Craig Beam has for many


Award winner fights health disparities in Texas

Marcie Wilson’s son Kevin was just 2 years old when he fell into a hot tub and nearly drowned. His panicked dad pulled him out. “He was so purple,


Physician of the year: Research has paid off

Neil Stone got a painfully early education in heart disease. One by one, it stole his family members. His paternal grandmother died from a heart attack 48. Then her


Healthcare volunteer of the year: Education first

Things were different when Debbie Camp started her nursing career in the 1970s — so different that she calls that time the Dark Ages. “When stroke patients were admitted,


Local, national contributions lead to successes

Years before he started volunteering for the American Heart Association, Don Hultgren’s mom suffered a stroke. Before then, Hultgren had no idea about all the work the organization


Meritorious achievement winner focuses on smallest hearts

Dianne Atkins has devoted her entire career to protecting young hearts. That passion drives Atkins’ work as professor in the department of pediatrics at the University of Iowa Carver

Meritorious achievement winner: You have to pay attention

Obesity is one of the biggest bullies around when it comes to heart health. But a group of science and medical volunteers for the American Heart Association is


AHA funding new research network aimed at preventing heart disease, stroke

Four major institutions are banding together and leveraging the strength of basic, clinical and population research to prevent heart disease and stroke, the two leading causes of death in